We believe that the ancient discipline of Yoga is designed to help an individual acquire perfect control over both body and mind.Yoga is a compulsory activity for all the students and we practice it everyday. These classes help them cope with life.
The Martial art of Karate is offered to the students from LKG upwards.This gives the students lessons in self defense and helps them to deal with life’s challenges.
Dance/ Vocal Music
We offer dance and vocal music to all students from Nursery upwards.
To be able to get on to the stage and give vent to one’s free expressions, help a child to get over his inhibitions and develop self confidence. Drama workshops are conducted in every class from Nursery Class upwards.
Another skill that is offered to students from LKG upwards
Curriculum based Physical Education
We recognize the vital role that physical activities play in the holistic development of an individual. As a result,Physical Education is incorporated into the Curriculum.Highly trained and experienced teachers of Physical Education mould the students’ growing value system through Sports and Games.,


Clubs and field trips from an early age provide a sense of independence and extended learning opportunities. Perfomances on the stage, through co-curricular competitions, or on the sports field, all plays a part in the development of students and their sense of personal achievement.

Reeds and Reels Club – Movie, English Literary
Eco Knighters Club – Nature
Spotlight Club– Art
Lifestyle Club – Personality Development
Pottery Club