Welcome to SPGT Global Discovery Academy

Here at SPGT Global Discovery Academy we believe each child is unique – and so is their educational journey.

Whether joining GDA Tirupur at the beginning of that journey in our nurturing Play Group class, entering the Primary School aged 6 or joining us for the crucial Senior years, our focus remains on each individual student. Each child is a learner who has their own strengths, skills and talents, as well as those areas about which they feel less confident or find more demanding.

Our job is to offer a relevant, stimulating and dynamic education, which enables each child to develop as a well-qualified, socially confident, independent young adult. The educational journey embraces more than the classroom environment; we believe it is equally about the co-curricular opportunities through which the individual grows and flourishes. It is our role to provide each child with the skills and opportunities to help them to make the very best of their journey: to challenge them academically, to give them opportunities for personal and social development, leadership and commitment to service, preparing them to be the best that they can be.

Whether in the classroom, on the sports fields or on the stage, education is about passion, curiosity, excitement and discovery. Our role is to challenge each individual student to discover more about themselves, about others and about the world around them. Through a range of learning environments, we seek to develop flexible learning in each individual so that they are well prepared for their future.

Our Vision

To educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through holistic learning to bloom into responsible, independent global citizens who treat themselves and others with love and compassion.

Our Mission

Strive relentlessly and vigorously – to realize the vision – by making the best use of quality infrastructure, resources and experienced, talented and committed faculty

Our Motto

I Care, I Can, I Will

Our Slogan

I am Unique
I am Strong
I am Confident
I am Smart
I am Kind
I am Happy

It is incredibly difficult to put into a few words what defines a school. What makes it special? Why do children thrive there? How does it shape them? What does it give them that other schools cannot?

And yet, these questions are the ones which really need answers. After all, what could be more important than your child’s happiness, success and self-esteem? This short booklet aims to give you a feel of Global Discovery Academy and the opportunities we provide at this School. Yet the best way to get a sense of how this school can meet the needs of yours, is to come to meet us – any day, at any time, to suit you.

Upcoming Events
Commencing 2020-21 Welcome Party Date: 3rd April 2020 World Health Day Date: 7th April 2020 Celebration of Tamil New Year Date: 14th April 2020 Pool Party (Nursery, UKG) Date: 16th April 2020 Field Trip 1 (Nursery, UKG) Date: 20th April 2020 Summer Vacation (Nursery, UKG) Date: 23rd April 2020 Summer Vacation (Primary only) Date: 1st May 2020 School Reopens on Date: 11th June 2019 Cycle Test I Date: 29th June 2020 Doctor's Day Eye Camp Date: 1st July 2020 Bakrid Holiday Date: 31st July 2020 Grand Parent's Day (Nursery, UKG) Date: 8th August 2020 Janmastami Holiday Date: 12th August 2020 Independence Day Date: 15th August 2020 Ganesh Chathurthi Date: 22nd August 2020 Onam Holiday Date: 31st August 2020 Teacher's day Celebration Date: 5th September 2020